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In this game for PS3 you will play as Hiro, a young traveler who finds the lost kingdom. You will help him beat a giant force of robot enemies. To do this you will e.g. transform into 16 of the most populair invizimals and use their abilities to fight the robot army.


Production of Invizimals: The lost kingdom

Magenta Software is the developer of Invizimals: The lost kingdom for PS3. They have created a action adventure single player game. They have also worked closely together with Novarama Technology and developed a unique multiplayer experience between Invizimals: The lost kingdom and Invizimals: The alliance.

Game features

We know the following new features will be available:

  • 4 player battles
  • Co-op play
  • Cross-platform play
  • Travel into the invizimals world
  • To get all invizimals you will also need Invizimals: The alliance. (Source SONY)
  • Imagine two stories which actually are two sides of a big, larger conflict.
    That’s how we like ot see it. On VITA, you’ll face an invasion of Invizimals
    into our world, and you’ll need to discover what is going on to defend them. On
    PS3, you’ll need to go to their world, to track down the source of evil. One
    story, two games, each playable separately, but amazing if you play them
    together! (source: SONY)
  • I think you will love the PS3 adventure, which does not require additional
    cards. Imagine your classic platformer as Jak, Ratchet, you name it. Add many
    playable characters (the Invizimals!) each with unique skills. Set it in a lush,
    wonderful world very rooted in all the Invizimals lore. And you get the idea.
    It’s going to be great! (Source: SONY)
  • It will be available for download in Playstation Store. (Source: SONY)
  • Whenever we do something it’s always as part of a “master plan” so no, we’re not
    thinking PS3 is a one-off. And given the massive installed base of PS3, we felt
    it was the perfect moment to do this. Besides, the invizimals universe is so
    rich, it really is the perfect fit for a large screen as you say. (Source: SONY)
  • 2-4 network players.


Release date

The specific date hasn't been announced but we know that it will be some time in 2013.


The only trailer of invizimals the alliance so far the a trailer for both invizimals the alliance and invizimals the lost kingdom. Enjoy.

The following trailer was released at this years E3. Watch it now.


TheLostKingdom 1

TheLostKingdom 2

TheLostKingdom 3

TheLostKingdom 4

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So what do you think of this new game? Are you just as excited as me?

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