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Have you ever heard the laughter of a Spectral Dragon in the dark knight? Maybe at some point this invizimal died, but he refused to stay that way! This evil invizimal was created in the most frightening nightmares. With him by your side the battle will be a lot easier… That is, if you are brave enough!

Spectral Dragon

Capture Spectral dragon

Here follows how to get Spectral dragon in each game.


Not possible. 

Invizimals shadow zone

Not possible.

Invizimals the lost tribes

Not possible.

Invizimals the alliance

You have to use a trap to capture Spectral dragon. With this trap you will even get to level it up yourself. Here follows how to use the trap.

  1. In the main menu select: Options.
  2. Then select: Extras.
  3. And finally select: Exclusive Content.

Now aim at this trap and follow the on screen instructions.

Spectral Dragon trap

This secret was found by our invizimal hunter: Ejss. Want to be named too? Find a secret and share it with us.

Stats of Spectral dragon level 16

Life 380  
Stamina 100  
Recovery 187  
Attack 240  
Armor 310  
Element Ice  
Sex Male  
Δ Storm 84
O Bite 36
X Sonic 36
Poison 60
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