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All Cyclops are one eyed giants who used to live in a remote island in Greece where they took care of flocks of sheep. Nothing makes a Cyclops happier than enjoying the countryside on their own. Remember: Although they can be brutal, some say Cyclops have a big heart.

Capture Cyclops

Here follows how to get him in each game.


Not possible. 

Invizimals shadow zone

Not possible.

Invizimals the lost tribes

To capture Cyclops you have to collect the sheep's running around in the night. Cyclops's eye will light your way but he gets sleepy. Share your PSP/PS Vita to wake him up. Around 10 sheep's will do the job.

Stats of Cyclops level 1

Life 160  
Stamina 100  
Recovery 6  
Attack 10  
Armor 3  
Element Jungle  
Sex Male  
Δ Break 35
O Poison 15
X Break 15
Fire 25
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