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The Yeto lives in the highest peaks of the Himalayas. Part human, part monster, but all stamina and force. Yetis are shy, and thus have remained hidden for millennia. So don't mess with a Yeti unless you want trouble. And when you have captured one, take good care of him.This is a really rare find you should learn to appreciate.


Catch Yeti

Yeti is hard to find but I am sure you will manage. See the details below.


Not possible. 

Invizimals shadow zone

Not possible.

Invizimals the lost tribes

Part of the main missions.

Invizimals the alliance

Yeti can't be captured as regulair invizimals but has to be captured with a trap or color map if you like. Folow these instructions to capture Yeti:

  1. In the main menu select: Options.
  2. Then select: Extras.
  3. And finally select: Exclusive Content.

Now scan this trap to capture Yeti. It can be a little hard to find the right angle and light but it is possible.

Yeti trap color map

This secret was found by our invizimal hunter: Megax Rocker. Want to be named too? Find a secret and share it with us.

Stats of Yeti level 16

Life 380  
Stamina 250  
Recovery 175  
Attack 220  
Armor 220  
Element Ice  
Δ Storm 77
O Charge 33
X Charge 33
Slice 55
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