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So invizimals and dinosaurs are somehow connected? Well, look at this mighty T-Rex
if you need a proof. T-Rex extinguished eons ago, but somehow they are alive
and kicking… In the wave, the invizimal world.


Capture T-Rex

Here follows how to get T-Rex in each game.


Not possible. 

Invizimals shadow zone

To catch T-Rex you have to use a special trap. If you don’t know how to use a trap, please look at this post. It will describe all about The Big Secret and how to use the trap.


Invizimals the lost tribes

Not information jet.

Invizimals the alliance

You have to use a trap to capture T-Rex. With this trap you will even get to level him up yourself. Here follows how to use the trap.

  1. In the main menu select: Options.
  2. Then select: Extras.
  3. And finally select: Exclusive Content.

Now aim at this trap and follow the on screen instructions.

T-Rex trap

This secret was found by our invizimal hunter: Ejss. Want to be named too? Find a secret and share it with us.

Stats of T-Rex level 16

Life 300  
Stamina 220  
Recovery 162  
Attack 340  
Armor 190  
Element Fire  
Sex Male  
Δ Charge 119
O Slice 51
X Burn 51
Bite 85
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