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Audrey… a carnivorous plant! She is a dangerous, deceiving monster. Audrey is a different kind of hunter. Instead of actively trying to get her prey, she waits and waits until they fall into her trap. After all, these plants are known to wait on the same spot for hours.

Capture Audrey

Here follows how to get her in each game.


Not possible. 

Invizimals shadow zone

Not possible.

Invizimals the lost tribes

To capture Audrey you need to win the Thailand tournament. Audrey will attack you right after you win it. There are no instructions about capturing her (in the game) so here is how. Audrey will shoot at you all the time but you can’t harm her by shooting back. You have to shoot at the trees behind Audrey so a coconut will fall. Grab it with R button and shot it in her open mouth with the X button. Do this three times and Audrey level 9 is yours.


If you fail the first time you can find her again by entering Thailand and then choose capture invizimals. Then you will see Audrey.

Invizimals the alliance

To win audrey you have to win all the bet fights in the alliance battles. Audrey is the last invizimal in this group and after you have won you will have the possibility to obtain it.

Stats of Audrey level 9

Life 180  
Stamina 160  
Recovery 7  
Attack 25  
Armor 15  
Element Jungle  
Sex Female  
Δ Bite 87
O Poison 37
X Bite 37
Fire 62
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